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The soul sauna is a QTBIPOC unity collective headed by Naomi Bah and Phoenix Chase-Meares, hosting a group of eclectic, soulful, thoughtful and activist humans, coming from all over the world with different backgrounds. We are a diverse group with diverse opinions, but the same goal. Our intention is to bring light to the social, political, and economic climate regarding inequality and adversity, and to create a safe space for everyones views.

In the past, we have had the honour of hosting our Soul Sauna Symposium at SOHO House Berlin, Alte Munze, and the GAY SHAME event, an event that creates a queer safe space and celebrates pride in a anti- assimilationist, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, vegan, drug free approach. We have run concerts, parties, theatre shows and many more events where marginalised humans are the priority, but without exclusion.

We are a  platform to have open discussions about systemic racism, white & patriarchal supremacy and the beauty of diversity. We base our values on care, kindness, empathy and consent. 

We will now be hosting seasonal events in which we will have live performances from dancers, poets, musicians and singers, exhibitions from painters, photographers and fashion designers. And will end with an open-panel discussion or talk where the topic changes from event to event. All profits from the event will be redirected straight back into charities, organisations or creating workshops for at-risk LGBTQ+, POC, refugee youth.

To keep upto date with our events, or how to get involved, please follow or instagram account @Thesoulsauna or @tobylikesmilk 

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