The soul sauna is a new group of eclectic, soulful, thoughtful and activist humans, coming from all over the world with different backgrounds. We are a diverse group with diverse opinions, but the same goal. Our intention is to bring light to the social, political, and economic climate regarding inequality and adversity, and to create a safe space for everyones views.


So last Sunday, we had the honour to host our first Soul Sauna Symposium at the GAY SHAME event, an event that creates a queer safe space and celebrates pride in a anti-assimilationist, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, vegan, drug free approach.


Here we were given the platform to have an open panel discussion about systemic racism, white & patriarchal supremacy and the black lives matter movement. The symposium and event were a complete success, the care and kindness there was overwhelmingly beautiful.


We will now be hosting monthly events in which we will have pop-up dinners, live performances from dancers, poets, musicians and singers. And will end with an open-panel discussion or speech where the topic changes month to month. All profits from the event will be redirected straight back into charities, organisations or creating workshops for at-risk LGBTQ+, POC, refugee youth.


To keep upto date with our events, or how to get involved, please follow or instagram account @Thesoulsauna or @tobylikesmilk 


+31 6 39862896


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