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Phoenix Chase-Meares completed their training at  London Studio Centre, gaining a BA (HONS) degree, They have worked with multiple choreographers and directors throughout Europe, including ClubGuy&Roni, HetHoutenHuis and Summer Ulrickson. They have created and showcased work in the UK, Holland and Germany and are currently residing in Berlin.

Phoenix created TobyLikesMilk alongside Katy to create work discussing topics concerning queer culture, identity and safe spaces.

Phoenix is a multidisciplined performer and writer, and uses this to create a movement and text language of their own. Their work is thought provoking and innovative, drawing on their own life experiences to create works that catch the viewers attention in an unapologetically loud and provocative fashion.



Katy Higgins completed her training at the London Studio Centre, gaining a BA (HONS) degree, Her final year was spent as a member of the Intoto dance company under the direction of Sue Booker and Leesa Phillips, performing works by Luke Brown and Gemma Nixon. Since graduation Katy has choreographed works for the SE16 Big Dance Hall and Moving Words, and runs the dairy free company that is TobyMoves. (Tobymoves.co.uk) which have performed at Resolution 18'&19" and curated a night alongside Kaia Goodenough.

Katy's main choreographic influences come from her training in contemporary dance but her background in the ISTD syllabus and the various styles she studied at London Studio Centre have helped her to have a more open minded approach to choreographing, Trying not to put any boundaries on how she creates movement and where she finds her influences.


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